Lower taxes strengthens national defense

  • To insure the future of our progeny, AARLC advocates tax cuts, tax reforms, upgrade and maintenance of the strongest possible national defense, security policies and its infrastructures to meet today’s challenges and threats to America.

Limited government fosters pro-growth and free markets

  • AARLC advocates responsible fiscal stewardship exemplified in support of budgetary restraints vis-à-vis limited government, common sense and business sound bureaucratic regulations that promote and foster small business growth, entrepreneurism, and pontificate the strongest support for free trade markets policies.

U.S. pupils bamboozled in education scheme

  • AARLC advocates proven tested – oriented means result programs with full utilization of multi-delivery systems in the education of our youth. We believe that parental choice is paramount to meet the diverse needs in education of 21st century children.
  • AARLC supports the end of social promotions and the restructuring of the various special education programs that hinder the learning of our children, particularly African American children.
  • Further, we believe and advocate local control and flexibility as one size does not fit all, and the strongest support of accountability.
  • Lastly, AARLC supports competitive non-monopolistic public schools as the vanguard of our education system that embraces adequate yearly progress standards for all its pupils and teachers.

Social Security Scam

  • Black folks, small business individuals and the poor are lest served, and suffer the greatest losses under today’s Social Security system. AARLC promulgates the substratum to America’s economy has been the free market on which every American can increase his lot with reasonable short term and long term returns. Social Security does neither. Today’s system runs smack in the face of sound business investment principles, and the government would construe similar as illegal and fraudulent were it run by any other business.
  • AARLC pontificates that Black America, small business individuals and the poor, all on average receive a negative rate of return on their investment with no inheritance transfer provisions in today’s Social Security. Further, Black Americans receive even fewer payments due to current life’s mortality rate, and subsidizes the rest of America with a net lifetime transfer of wealth from blacks to non-blacks nearly $10,000 per person because of life expectancy.
  • To improve the rate of return on Black Americans’ investment in this program, and to insure the future success of the program for all Americans, AARLC advocates personal investment choices under a reformed Social Security Program.

Individual Rights Versus Involuntary Group Pseudo-Rights

  • AARLC advocates individual rights as the surest way to protect free markets and equal access of opportunity™. To combat this denigration of American liberties, AARLC opposes all forms of involuntary group categories.
  • There is an array of liberal causes established under tightly controlled organization purporting to represent entire groups or category of people whose real purpose is to strip away individual civil liberties and maintain power over those purportedly protected by these organization’s leaders. Although these organizations actually harm those supposedly represented, they have gone until now unchallenged by the conservative movement. AARLC labors to also break this deceptive liberal strategy now commonly viewed by even Republicans as a liberal mandate – them fighting for America’s working families, including Black America.
  • These union groups disguise themselves and purport to fight for working families using such strategies as public labor agreements (PLAs) that actually exclude small business individuals, provide for wasteful tax expenditures, and make a mockery of fair competition in a free market. Public Labor Agreements seek to perpetuate yesteryears unfair market practices that deny equal access of opportunity and the right to work of an individual. AARLC is strongly opposed to this and other union schemes, and seeks to expose its harmful effects on the socio-economic integration into mainstream of Black America.